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Lower Shore Enterprises offers employers a flexible workforce that saves money and helps rapidly meet production goals.

We can provide you enthusiastic and hardworking full-time employees, fully trained and supported by caring and dedicated job coaches.  Do you need some help for peak periods or part-time (a month, a week, a day, or just an hour)?  We can help with that, too. 

Either way, you can either pay these employees directly or let LSE handle everything:  payroll, taxes, insurance and benefits. 

If you need motivated workers, Contact Us.  We can develop a customized employment plan to fit your needs. 

We also prepare individuals for the workforce and pay them while they train, thereby offering area businesses a host of valuable services.  If you have any of the following needs, LSE services may be right for you.  Click on the links below to learn more, then Contact Us to get a free, no-obligation quote:

·       Small parts or kit assembly and manufacture

·       Bulk and metered mailing services

·       Secure, certified document destruction at your place of business

·       Commercial custodial services






Lower Shore Enterprises offers its clients individualized service to prepare them for the workforce.  These include:


·       Career Assessment

·       Pre-Employment Training

·       Job Coaching

·       Placement and Follow-up


If you are an individual with a physical or mental disability, we offer individualized case management services to help you reach your unique personal and employment goals.  You, your family or caregiver, case manager and others work as a team to ensure that you have all the help you need for success.  This continues throughout your employment, no matter how long you are at your job.  LSE remains available to step back in if you are asked to learn new tasks or need additional support.

You will also have the chance to participate in paid, volunteer and social activities at LSE and in conjunction with other organizations, such as Salisbury University’s Best Buddies program. In addition to offering career and life skills training, LSE coordinates with local and state agencies to offer worker’s compensation evaluations, ADA consultation services, disability advocacy and retraining.

While training at LSE, you will receive hourly wages, like your colleagues in competitive jobs.  You also get pay reviews based on performance.  As you are able to show good effort, become faster and are more productive, your pay rises.  This weekly paycheck is an important part of our program to develop social skills, a strong work ethic and job skills that can help you land competitive jobs.  

Contact Us for more information.  We are always glad to talk to you!


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